Excursions are a regular part of the Upper Macleay program, providing children with valuable experiences and opportunities to connect with the community and environment.

In the past we have taken excursions to the river to explore the river bank, checking for wild life, discussing how to care for our river, rock painting, telling stories, using nets to see what fish are in the river, taking photos.

We take walking excursions to the local shops exploring our community.

We have taken excursions to Macleay Valley House to visit with the residents. This provides an opportunity for children and elderly to connect through shared experiences such as reading stories, dancing, singing, or playing games.  This inter-generational experience can often be missed when families live far from their extended families and lead busy lives. Children learn respect and understanding for the elderly, bringing a sense of vibrancy and fun and friendship, while the elderly get to share their knowledge and love with the children.

We participate in activities with the local primary schools such as Musica Viva, book week, sports carnivals.