Our Philosophy

Upper Macleay Preschool

Our Philosophy

At Upper Macleay Preschool we aspire to build trusting, respectful relationships with our whole community; Children, Families, Educators and Associate Agencies.

We aim to provide a warm and inviting environment for all our friends at Upper Macleay Preschool, where we believe that communication and respect are essential in order to provide a place of positivity, good management and acceptance, thus allowing each individual to feel comfortable and supported. It is our belief that collaborative partnerships should be pleasant and in order to achieve this we are approachable, wholesome and kind.

We believe it is quality relationships that strengthen and sustain a level of trust and respect with children where they can be comfortable and confident, to be themselves and to experience enjoyable interactions. Our children are encouraged to explore their interests and discover new experiences in their own time.

Our Educators thrive on delivering a holistic approach, using the teachable moment to achieve natural, flowing learning opportunities which are significant to each child, supporting their individual development and interests. We support children’s social development by delivering an inclusive environment based on a structure of cultural acceptance and understanding the diverse needs of our community.

We explore all areas of development with observations, links to the Early Years Learning Framework as well as individual significance. We have good relationships with inter-agencies and external resources. We strive to follow up on health and developmental concerns, helping children and families reach their goals.

Upper Macleay Preschool has evolved from community and heritage connections. Diverse in the way of culture and tradition; incorporating traditional rural farming families and the aboriginal indigenous community in the Upper Macleay Valley.

We learn and play on

Thunghutti Land

Philosophy reviewed November 2020