About Us

Upper Macleay Preschool is a close knit community where children are nurtured and free to confidently develop skills and competencies.

Set in the beautiful Upper Macleay valley, looking out across farm land to the surrounding hills, we have created a preschool environment that offers children choices, stimulates their thinking and allows them to explore.

We value each of the children in our care and aim to foster their individual skills, personalities and interests. Our programs are developed around the five learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework and incorporate the individual children’s interests to create an ongoing cycle of learning. It is our role as educators to explore and learn alongside children, to provoke ideas and inspire a love for learning.

We believe we are co-educators with children and their parents and encourage their contribution and participation both at the centre and in continuing the cycle of learning at home. We have strong partnerships with families, other services, supporting agencies and the governments and are constantly working to strengthen the preschools involvement in the broader community.

About Our Logo

The Preschool logo was inspired by Elwyn Toby, a local Aboriginal Artist, who allowed the preschool to incorporate elements of the design into the preschool's logo.

At the heart of the logo is yellow for the teaching place, surrounded by children and supported by educators. The brown represents the land where the preschool sits within a community and has a strong connection to land and country.

Rated Exceeding

Upper Macleay Preschool has received an Exceeding rating through the Department of Education & Communities' assessment and rating.