Pam Papalii

My personal philosophy is based on the principle that children learn through play.

I believe that during play children explore ideas about the world with other children and adults, building the foundations of intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills. My role as an educator is to scaffold learning through play by being deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful in my teachings. I believe that this is achievable by providing challenging experiences and interactions that extends a child’s thinking, knowledge and problem solving skills.

I strongly believe that each child is a unique person with their own interests, learning style, growth, culture and sense of self. I respect all children as having a capacity to succeed when given the time, space and opportunity to interact in a stimulating and meaningful, safe and secure environment. I believe that positive respectful relationships with children builds a platform for children to learn and grow as individuals, this is achievable through recognising each child’s values and skills, having high expectations, allowing children to express themselves, having an awareness of children’s thoughts and feelings and by celebrating children’s achievements.

The Early Years Learning Framework guides me to extend and enrich children’s learning by utilising the Principles, Practices and Learning Outcomes to assist in designing a curriculum. The physical learning environment plays an integral role in facilitating the growth and development of young children. I feel it is my role to ensure both the indoor and outdoor environment is welcoming, appealing, and reflect the interest and ability of each child, family and educator. I believe it is important to preserve and promote the love of a natural environment as well as creating a future which is sustainable.

I acknowledge and respect the values and beliefs which are evident of a family’s culture, languages, histories, traditions, family lifestyle practices of all families and that of the wider community and work on nurturing and facilitating strong connections with families and community.

I believe as a leader it is important to have a shared vision with the educators, committee, families and children, by allowing all participants to play an active role of collaboration and openness to explore social change. As a leader I need to be inspiring, motivating and a visionary to draw out the strengths of the team, recognising that each team member brings their own set of talents to the service that can support a leader to deliver quality care.

I believe in order to grow in my development as an early childhood professional that I need to engage in professional learning, this in turn influences and promotes ongoing learning within the organisation. Through this ongoing learning, I am able to reach my intended goals while keeping up to date with current practice and knowledge, handling change more effectively while advocating for children’s rights.

I believe advocacy and activism promote the rights of children and through gaining knowledge as a learning community within a service I become more aware of the rights and ethics surrounding children.